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I'm Essi Monneus,
Web Designer & Web Developer
from United States, Indiana.

I have rich experience in web site design & building and customization. Also I am good at html, css, javascript, wordpress, php, jquery, bootstrap. I love to network and learn about other's approach when solving problems in the field. Feel free to contact me with your project idea.

I am on my programming journey to become a Software Engineer. I enjoy both Front-End and Back-End Development. I have completed a six month part-time data analytics bootcamp at Butler university and a 12 weeks full-time development bootcamp at Eleven Fifty Academy.

My previous career was in pharmaceutical, as a Quality Engineer. I am also an entrepreneur and I am working on opening my first restaurant.

What I Do
UI/UX Design

Acquired entry-level experience in UI/UX Design through training at Eleven Fifty Academy. I will be returning to the UI bootcamp upon completion of the web dev.

Web Design

Capable of designing, building and customize websites with html, css, javascript, wordpress, php, jquery, bootstrap.


Enjoy building custom interactive data visualizations using D3.js and other JavaScript libraries with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Dashboarding, JavaScript Charting, D3.js, Geomapping with Leaflet.js

Recent Works
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